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* To register you need to be using a Medtronic pump and a resident of the UK.

If you already have a UK eShop account, you can use the same login credentials to log into MiniMed Care.

1. Pump Details

Medtronic serial numbers are found on the back of the pump, e.g. PAR123456H or AA1234567A.

Need help finding your serial number? Call us on 01923 205167

Where to find your Medtronic product serial number.

Our StartRight coaching program offers you customized support via email and telephone, to help you get started with the MiniMed ™ 670G system.

2. Pump User Details

Please enter as 0XXXX XXXXXX (for example – 07400 123456). Your phone number must be minimum 10 digits.

3. Address Details

This address information will update details you have provided Medtronic in the past.

The country field is determined by which Medtronic website you are using. If you residence is in another country, you will need to visit the Medtronic website for that country.

Address Validation

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4. Login Details

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I agree that Medtronic collects and processes my personal data in accordance with its Privacy Statement, for the purpose of my MiniMed Care Support.

  • This may include sending me information about the diabetes therapy, product updates that are relevant to me and contacting me for feedback concerning product support satisfaction
  • The processing activities may also be carried out by other affiliates of Medtronic and their sub-processors, inside and outside the European Economic Area, in accordance with Medtronic’s Privacy Statement
  • When acting on behalf of the pump user, I confirm to have obtained the consent from the pump user to submit his/her personal data for the purposes described above
  • More information on how Medtronic treats personal data, as well as on data subjects’ rights with regard to their personal data, can be found in Medtronic’s Privacy Statement.
  • I can withdraw or update my consent at any time by writing to Medtronic or via the website